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  1. Size 72x40x16
  2. With CR2025X2
  3. All metal case
  4. PP Box packing
  5. MOQ 2PCS
  6. Weight:60g
  7. Sound: 125dB
  8. LED RGB
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【 1 】

  1. High decibel all-metal casing
  2. Leaf-type personal anti-wolf alarm
  3. Suitable for the elderly, children, students, girls. Be used for emergency natural disasters for help, too.
  4. With two CR2025 button batteries and full-color super bright LED lights
  5. Three alarm sounds, five flashing modes can be selected


【 2 】

Leaf alarm product manual

Note: This product is not a children’s toy, the sound is sharp, please do not use the product near your ears. To avoid hearing damage.


Top switch function:

When the top switch is pressed, the LED lights display different colors. The product chip has a memory function design. When you press the switch, the switch is switched within 3 seconds, and the LED light will switch colors. If it is pressed more than three seconds after the light is turned off, the LED light will display the color of the LED light of the previous press. When the battery is replaced or the power is used up, the memory will restore the factory settings.


LED lights have the following display functions:

01- The Red-light stays on

02- The Green-light stays on

03-The Blue-light stays on

04- The Colorful lights are always on

05- The Colorful lights flashing exchange


When you release the top switch, the LED light will turn off.


Side switch function:

When you press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds, the alarm sound 1 will work, and the LED will flash red at 0.2 seconds. When you let go, the alarm continues to work. When you press the top switch, you can switch the alarm sound 2, red light flashes, and then press the top switch, switch the alarm sound 3, red light flashes. Follow this cycle.

When you want to turn off the alarm sound, you need to press and hold the top switch and the side switch for 3 seconds at the same time, the sound will stop. Just press any one of the switches, the sound will not stop.


Note: Press and hold for 3 seconds to work, this is a safe design. Prevent accidental triggering of alarm screaming.


Product parameters:

This product is a creative design of leaf shape, patented product. Made of all-metal materials. The ultra-thin model has a buckle design and an ultra-bright full-color LED light. The product can replace the battery. Because the batteries are overlapping, you need to use bushings to handle the insulation when connecting with the battery buckle. The product already comes with an insulating sleeve for you to use when replacing the battery. This product is exquisite and fashionable in appearance, small and light, can be carried anywhere, and it is convenient to use. The production process is not only complicated but also high in production cost. The size design has reached the limit. The thinnest position is only 6MM.


【 3 】

Product usage description:

3-1 More Protection, More Security !

Usually, it can be used as a key chain decoration, attached to a mobile phone or a backpack, or directly hung on the neck with a lanyard. In an emergency, long press the side switch to make a scream of more than 92 decibels. To turn off the scream, press and hold the top and side switches simultaneously for three seconds. The product has a variety of colors, suitable for the favorite of different users. Easy to carry, it is a personal bodyguard for personal safety protection.


3-2 Carefully Care, Meticulous Concern !

Suitable for girls walking alone at night, night shift workers, night runners, students, elderly people who need care. When you are on a business trip or travel, if you find a suspicious person to follow, you can press the switch to sound an alarm for help. It can be used continuously for more than 60 minutes at a time, and it can be used for a long time in daily use. The average ringing time is 3 minutes, and it can be used more than 100 times.



3-3 Being Outside, Carry Around !

Suitable for elderly and children who are inconvenient to move,too. When he needs help, just press and hold the switch for 3 seconds and the alarm will work. When the family finds that the sound is coming, long-press the two switches for more than 3 seconds, the alarm will turn off.


3-4 Travel Alone, Defend Yourself !

For example, elderly people with acute illnesses (such as coronary heart disease), especially when family members cannot fully care for them, please take them with you. As a guardian, you should tell the elderly how to use the product. They can get timely help when they encounter emergencies. Because the elderly or children are weak, the shouts are small, and it is difficult to quickly attract the attention of family members. When encountering an outbreak of illness and a speechless situation, pressing the switch of the alarm may save lives.


3-5 Care For The Elderly , Do Your Best !

When girls face violence, the elderly need help, children need protection, when they go out and are robbed, stolen, and need help when they lose something, when natural disasters come, when you are working outdoors, wear the product Helps you escape from an emergency. Its usage is suitable for people and it is widely used. The product has a built-in button battery, which works at high decibels during operation. When not working, there is little loss and it is easy to carry. Compact in shape. It can also be used to send out help for natural disasters. The product design can replace the battery and can be used for a long time.


3-6 Care For Children , Keep Our Happiness !

  1. Educate children not to play with fire and electricity, let children understand that playing with fire and electricity is very dangerous.
  2. Educate your children not to go to the balcony of the windowsill of the building to let them know that it will fall easily.
  3. The kitchen is an unsafe place for children, stoves, hot pots, kettles, knives, and forks are all dangerous.
  4. Educate children not to play or chase on the roadside, consciously help children learn traffic knowledge.
  5. Do not go out to public toilets, take buses, watch movies, etc. alone.
  6. Do not tell strangers your home address and phone number.
  7. When the stranger forces you to be taken away, yell for help and choose to leave quickly.

8.Do not go to remote vacant empty houses and secluded dark places.



【 4 】

If you need to replace the battery, please ask a professional for assistance.


  1. Please read the operation manual carefully before use. Do not use metal conductors to short-circuit the positive and negative poles of the battery.
  2. When installing the device, the positive and negative poles of the battery must not be installed in reverse.
  3. Do not use batteries of different models or different brands together.
  4. Remove from the device immediately after the battery life is over.
  5. Do not charge the battery. Or heating.


Battery replacement steps:

  1. Remove the dead battery and prepare a new battery.
  2. Put the battery heat-shrinkable tube in the packaging box, and pay attention to the fit of the two batteries.
  3. Heat the heat-shrinkable tube with a special tool to tightly wrap the battery. After confirming, put it in the battery buckle. Note the positive and negative levels.


Product after-sales service

  1. When you have questions after receiving the product, please contact us.
  2. When you have questions during the use of the product, please contact us.
  3. When you have any suggestions for the product, please also contact us.


We will listen to your suggestions and provide you with solutions. Use this as a way to increase your customer’s satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × 2.5 cm

Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Rose gold, Red


Blister Packing, Color Box, Gift Box, White Box




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