• LR44X3 Battery
  • Material ABS
  • Whit Color box packing
  • MOQ 10PCS
  • Weight:120g including packing
  • Sound: 130dB
  • LED:White
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This bracelet personal alarm with paracord combine an idea of 7 necessary emergency tools for outdoor camping/fishing or for lady elder ,etc. Survival bracelet, is designed in a way that allows you to carry it with you everywhere.

This product is suitable for the elderly, girls, children, students, night workers or night runners. In emergency situations, you can press the switch, the product will emit more than


130 decibels of screaming sound to attract the attention of others. It can also be used in natural disasters to send out rescue. When users are in danger or need help.


Help users to call for help, self-protection, when you work or activities outdoors, wear products to help you out of danger in emergencies.


With LED lights, when you need lights, just press the switch long enough to help you see the road or objects.




Illumination switch operation instructions:


Press the switch for 3 seconds, and the LED lights will be on for a long time. Press the switch again, and the LED flashes. Press the switch again, the LED lights will be on for a long time, then press the switch again, and the LED lights will be off.


Instructions for use of buzzer switch:


When you press the buzzer switch for a long time, the buzzer will scream. When you press the buzzer switch again, the buzzer will stop screaming.


Note: This product needs to be worn for a long time. When you need to take a bath or change the battery, take it off, take a bath or change the battery before wearing it. Watch strap


Length can be adjusted according to the user’s wrist circumference. When you use or test, please do not put the product near your ear, so as not to cause harm.


It is necessary to find professional personnel to replace the batteries, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, test the function well, and then cover the back.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4.5 × 3.5 cm

Navy green, Black


Blister Packing, Color Box, Gift Box, White Box


Nylon Strap, Standard Strap


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